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Bangalore has recently converted itself into a prominent Indian metropolis, receiving a constant influx of residents. As a result, the city’s residential real estate sector is growing, with tremendous expansion and development with numerous residential development projects that are being developed in various communities, and many more are now under construction. 

This is an excellent opportunity for a homebuyer to invest in flats in Bangalore, the upcoming and fast-developing city. Bangalore offers a wide range of flat designs and measurements to meet the needs of every consumer. Because of this variety, the home investor has a number of options from which to carefully handpick their desired home. 

Because of the decreased property prices as a result of the pandemic, the market is also ideal for house investors. Spacious apartment units in some of the most desirable neighbourhoods are now more affordable, making them more accessible. This is a perfect moment to buy flat in Bangalore because superior properties are available at reduced prices. 

The answer to whether to buy flats in Bangalore remains the same. It is usually preferable to own a home rather than rent one. 

When Covid-19 struck the entire country, Bangalore remained operational. With home loan interest rates currently at historic lows, the real estate sector is experiencing explosive expansion. The majority of Bangalore’s active residential developments are in high demand right now. If you are seeking your dream property in Bangalore, now is the time to seize your opportunity. The right time to purchase flats in Bangalore is during the festive season. Let me take you through why the festive seasons are the right time to buy a flat in Bangalore

Why are festival seasons the right time to buy flats in Bangalore?

Over the previous few months, sentiment among real estate stakeholders has deteriorated. With liquidity tightening, developers have been battling to clear inventory that has been piling up for months. The growing number of postponed and abandoned projects is both a cause and an effect of the low homebuyer sentiment. Investors definitely do not want to put their money into a declining industry. However, for an end-user who is looking for a home, this negative market condition can work in his favour. 

Here are some of the reasons why now would be a good time to buy a flat in Bangalore:

It is thought to be auspicious 

The festive season is a terrific time to invest in property. Prospective house buyers are more enthusiastic and energetic during this time period. Every year, millions of Indians are drawn to the festivals by deals and discounts on home purchases. Furthermore, Indians consider the festivals of Dussehra and Diwali to be fortunate. 

It provides a sense of safety 

Property acquisition is critical for bringing in a sense of security. With Diwali bonuses and the auspicious festive season, Indians prefer investing in real estate not only for the extra money in their pockets but also for the religious sentiments that go with it. 

Whether that is suitable for site visits  

From October through December, the weather is favourable across the country, making it simpler for prospective buyers to go on-site visits, which might be difficult during the summer. 

With reduced interest rates on home loans this year, the holiday season provides an added benefit. Aside from discounts and concessional rates, this holiday season’s cheap credit rates will entice more purchasers. 

Special Offers 

The housing market is currently undergoing a massive inventory buildup of ready-to-move-in residences. “With more than a million unsold homes in India, supply is outstripping demand.” It’s a buyers’ market, which means a prospective home buyer has a lot of negotiating power. Even on resale deals, purchasers opting for self-use are likely to obtain good bargains due to price corrections,” says Divya Seth Maggu, Director, Valuation & Advisory Services at Colliers International India. 

In fact, the property market is currently bursting at the seams with possibilities in both under-construction and ready-to-move developments – and “unlike in previous years, many of these projects are by reputed developers who deliver on quality in terms of building, amenities, and location.” Buyers are truly spoiled for choice,” Anuj Puri, Chairman of Anarock Property Consultants, adds. 

Low-interest rates  

As a result of the Reserve Bank of India’s successive rate reduction, the repo rate was dropped for the sixth time this year and revised to 5.15%. The Central Bank’s move is expected to lower interest rates on house loans even further, especially since it compelled all banks to follow its external benchmark beginning October 1st. Banks such as SBI have provided external benchmark-linked home loans, allowing borrowers to obtain loans for as little as 8.20% interest per annum. 

Property developers, as usual, have churned up numerous offers and inventive programmes to entice prospective purchasers. Although there was a significant cut in ad spending during this festive season, and there was no trace of subvention schemes as such schemes have now been banned, many realtors are still offering attractive deals and huge discounts on some of their projects, which may be a big attraction for prospective homebuyers during this festive season. 

 Better regulation 

In recent years, RERA has expanded its protective umbrella to cover a larger area. Buyers interested in under-construction properties due to reduced price points are protected by this regulation and can invest with confidence in any state where RERA is in effect. They no longer have to be concerned about the project being delayed or completely stalled, or the developer failing to deliver any portion of the agreed-upon end product. 

According to developers, demand for residential and commercial developments rises during the festive season, from Navratri to Diwali, because it is deemed auspicious. “However, this time, a host of buyer-friendly measures and policy reforms, such as RERA, have empowered prospective homebuyers more than ever before, while also assisting the realty sector in gaining confidence. 

What should I do? 

Keeping all of these facts in mind, industry professionals believe that now is the best moment to buy a piece of real estate because home prices are expected to rise in the future due to rising demand. 

As a result, if you are looking to buy a home for yourself and are getting a fantastic price, you should surely go ahead. Nobody knows if home values will climb or fall in the next few months. So, why wait any longer? Buyers are cautioned, however, to exercise caution when investing in real estate and to purchase their ideal home only from a reputable developer like the Desai Developers, with a proven track record of delivering projects on schedule while not sacrificing the quality of the building. 

If you are in an IT city, buy flats in Bangalore and invest in a brighter future. Purchase the best house that is convenient and meets all of your requirements. There are numerous flats in Bangalore for sale that can accommodate your dream home. However, in order to live in peace in their ideal home, one should purchase from a reputable builder. Before you buy your dream home, think about it and do your homework.